On-Country CARbon

Collaborative Carbon Development Model
Carbon Farming

Carbon Farming is simply farming in a way that reduces Greenhouse Gas emissions or captures and holds carbon in vegetation and soils. It is managing land, water, plants and animals to meet the Triple Challenge of Landscape Restoration, Climate Change and Food Security. It seeks to reduce emissions in its production processes, while increasing production and sequestering carbon in the landscape.


Partnership & Co-Benefit opportunities
On-Country Carbon Market Place
  1. Human-Induced Regeneration Projects
  2. Environmental Tree Planting Projects
  3. Soil Carbon Sequestration Projects
  4. Biodiversity Credits Projects
  5. R&D Opportunities i.e. Blue Carbon & Alternative Waste Projects

Our Approach

Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK)

It is the ABC Foundations fundamental belief that the endorsed use of Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) is essential for leading On-Country activity, ensuring it is valued and aligned both in the Aboriginal and westernsocio-economies.

The role of On-Country Carbon is to support the Foundation by aligning income from carbon offset projects with TEK activities, creating an increased value for the social-ecological benefits derived from looking after country.


our on-country carbon model